New recordings

About two weeks ago we recorded two brand new songs! As always, we were supported by our amazing team of producers, consisting of Lisa, Ron and Sherman. These wonderful people have been helping us with the mixing and mastering of our tracks ever since the recording of Lovely (which they used as the final project for their degree in sound education). We decided to switch things up by trying a new studio this time. This is how we ended up in an old printing house in the centre of The Hague, where studio Sahara is located. The studio was hand build by the owner, who used a ungodly amount of sand to insulate the walls of the studio. Hence the name Sahara! It proved to be the backdrop of a very relaxed and succesful studio session.

We started the day of with some coffee and banter and went straight to recording after that. The first hour or so was mainly used as a warm up as we went through some of the tricky parts of the songs. After that, the serious recording started. The base track for the first song, Juvenile, was caught on tape fairly quickly. The second song however took a little longer. During the process we actually decided to make soms last minute changes to the arrangement of the song. It took some recallibration, but a few takes later we managed to get it right. Now the base tracks were laid down, it was time for the overdubs!

Recording overdubs in the studio was a great deal of fun, as the pressure of recording a perfect base track had already dissappeared. We took our time recoring the vocals, extra guitar parts, harmonies and percussion. This was were we truly witnessed the songs coming to life. After recoring one last extra guitar take for the second song, we decided to call it a day. While we were once more listening to the freshly recorded tracks, we contendly ate some pizza and drank some beers.

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